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As a responsible breeder, we would like you to contact us if puppy is said to require any surgeries during puppies lifetime, but especially before a year of age.

Often, we are able to offer insight and alternative solutions which may save you money and also stress on one of our precious pups with unnecessary treatments or surgeries.

We also wish to know if anything is wrong or happens with any of our pups and at any age, because we want to know how our breeding program is doing.

Social Media


Here are the links of our official social media accounts. Please note that we are not socially active on Facebook.

Mainly, we use Instagram and we might start using Twitter for quick and short updates. So make sure to follow us!

BEWARE of fake pages posing as Boudreaux Kennel. Also, we do not have a published mobile number online – beware of posers.

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Apologies in advance but we cannot entertain questions for answers that is readily available on this website.  Please check our FAQ section first.

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