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Ethan Donovan · Toy Poodle

Hey there, I’m Ethan Donovan, one of the coolest solid black toy-sized Boudreaux Poodle around. I might be just a tad larger than my three bros and one girl sis, but it’s all in good fun! Life with them is a real tail-wagger and I’ve got to admit, having three male siblings and one girl sister keeps things interesting. They love to make me their pillow, and I’m the coziest one in the bunch! 😄

My jet-black fur brings me immense pride and joy. I sport the curliest locks in the bunch! You see, despite my mom’s stunning red coat and my dad’s lovely cream hue, the genes for black and chocolate brown run deep in our family tree. It looks like I’m the lucky one who inherited that classic solid black coat, and I wear it with flair! 🖤

In fact, my sibling Elijah Ezra and I both turn a rich, dark chocolate brown when the sun kisses our wool 🤎. It’s quite a sight to behold! 🌞🍫 It’s amazing to see how our lineage carries these rich and elegant colors. But I must say, my jet black is something special, and it’s the perfect canvas for showcasing my playful antics and joyful spirit. 🐾

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Ethan Donovan Boudreaux
Gender : Male  •  Born : 23 SEP 2023  •  Color : Black •  Size : Toy

By the way, here’s a little tidbit – my tail was docked on October 02, 2023. Tail docking is a common practice for Poodles like me, aimed at preserving our unique appearance and reducing the chance of injuries. You might be wondering if it’s a painful procedure, but no worries needed. This is usually done when we’re still tiny pups, so we don’t experience any discomfort. It’s all in the name of safety and adding a touch of style to our looks! 🐾

My First Solid Food Adventure: A Pawsome Experience!

Can you believe it? On October 22, 2023, I took my first bite of solid food, and it was an absolutely pawsome experience! I was so excited to try something new with its fresh scent and taste that I couldn’t help but dive right into the food bowl.

Once I got that yummy taste, there was no going back. It was like a wonderful mix of flavors for my tiny puppy taste buds. Now Fresh is just too yummy to resist! It’s like a gourmet feast in kibble form!

And if you’re curious why my furmom chose Now Fresh for us little pups, it’s not just about deliciousness but also what’s best for Poodles like me. For more info on our food choices, check out our informative post, “Feeding Your Poodle: What Should They Eat?” to get all the details.

No, this post is not a sponsored one by Now Fresh. We’ve relied on this brand for quite some time, and my recommendation is purely based on our positive experiences.

Interested in Adopting Me for a Lifetime of Poodle Paw-sibilities?

As I search for my forever home, I can’t help but daydream about all the joy we’ll share. Imagine it: playful strolls in the park, cozy moments on the couch, and countless tail-wagging adventures. If you’re interested in making me a part of your paw-some family, check out our adoption guidelines right here: 🐶🏡

Let’s set off on this heartwarming journey together, brimming with puppy kisses and furry snuggles. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @toy.poodles for future updates and stories. Plus, this page will be regularly updated with photos of me growing up, just like a ‘Watch Me Grow’ adventure! 📸🐾

Exciting News: Ethan Finds a Loving Home!

We’ve got some heartwarming news to share. Our lovable Ethan Donovan has found his forever home with the Vilela family. 🐾

We can hardly contain our excitement as we announce this wonderful development. The joy of owning a Boudreaux Poodle is an experience like no other, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this journey with you.

As always, we’ll be keeping you in the loop with regular photo updates of Ethan Donovan right here on this page. 📸

But before we go any further, a big shoutout to the Vilela family! 🙏 Thank you for choosing Boudreaux Kennel and trusting us to bring more furry happiness into your lives.

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"A Poodle's tail never stops wagging, and neither does the happiness it brings."

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