Frequently Asked Questions

I understand you need information to help you make an educated choice on your lifetime companion. That is why I’ve have spent countless hours, blood, sweat and tears designing and making sure that this website contains tons of information and answers to commonly asked questions and as user friendly as possible.

To start, here are the answers to some common questions we often get asked about our Poodles.

Do you have puppies available?

We always post Poodle puppy photos and videos looking for a new loving home on our Instagram page @toy.poodles and here on our website, on this page.

Our litter batch is limited to 1 batch per mom, per year. Sometimes, 1 for every 2 years. We do not breed our poodles every heat cycle. Breeding Poodles is not our bread and butter or business. Never was, never will be.

At the most, we usually have 2 batches per year from different Poodle moms. Rarely 3. To know more, read Our Story

How can I reserve a Boudreaux Poodle Puppy?

Kindly please read our Adoption Guidelines and fill out our questionnaire. If you or your family is a match, you will receive a reply from us with the details on how to reserve your very own Boudreaux Poodle.

Once you receive our email confirmation, we aren’t able to hold a puppy beyond a 48 – hour courtesy period without your non-refundable security fee.

Can I pay security deposit in advance to reserve a puppy?


After reviewing your answers to our questionnaire and determining that the personality of the pup matches your lifestyle or environment, we will confirm your acceptance of the security deposit fee within 48 hours of receiving your email. You can make the security deposit payment through GCash, Maya, BDO online, BPI express online, or over-the-counter bank deposit



We currently do not accept security deposits for our upcoming litters, and we have no plans to change this policy. There are several reasons for this decision:


✨ There is a chance that a litter is not produced like we had hoped for.

✨ There aren’t enough puppies out of the litter.

✨ The puppy might be too calm or too energetic for you and therefore, doesn’t meet your criteria.

✨ You might change your mind having a puppy or for what-so-ever reason circumstances might change.

✨ Our next available litter might take awhile.

Nature ultimately decides what we get and when. We do not make promises aside from re-homing healthy Poodle puppies. We do not give false hopes and such.
Will I get automatically qualified for a puppy once I've answered your questionnaire?


All answers are reviewed thoroughly. If you are a match with one of your Poodles, we will inform you and send you all the details once we have a puppy that suites your lifestyle & environment.

Once you get the notification from us via email and interested, we strongly suggest for you to give us a reply us as soon as possible.

Since we aren’t able to hold a puppy beyond a 48 – hour courtesy period without your non-refundable security fee, same rules apply if we do not get an email reply from you within 48 hours.

We do not keep your details on file. It is up to “you” to get back into touch with us, if you see a litter or puppy advertised here on our web page or on our Instagram page – @toy.poodles that you have an interested in.

We have such a high volume of interest in our pups that it would be impossible for us to keep track or in touch.

Will be automatically be included on the waitlist once i filled up your questionnaire?


After filling out our questionnaire, your submitted details will be reviewed.

If you or your family is a match, you will be notified once we have a poodle puppy that suits your lifestyle and environment.

Once you receive our email confirmation, we aren’t able to hold a puppy beyond a 48 – hour courtesy period without your non-refundable security fee.

How to be included on the waitlist?

You must read our Adoption Guidelines, fill out our questionnaire & wait for our reply for the instructions. no guarantees. no promises.

Is there any other way that i can get updated aside from visiting your website?

Aside from following us on Instagram you can subscribe to our email list. That way, you will be updated without visiting our website.

How? All you have to do is scroll down at the bottom on this page and you will see the Subscribe Box. Enter your email, check your email and then lastly activate your subscription. You will automatically receive an email every time we post anything on our website. 100% NO SPAM! so no worries 🙂

Also, we always keep our Instagram social media page updated. We are not socially active on Facebook. We only use Facebook (page or groups) for updates purposes. So make sure to follow us on Instagram – Our main IG Page is @toy.poodles. Our other IG page is @poodlesph.


Our Pricing is based on Color, Size & Quality.

Also, please consider the quality of puppy food, inoculations and the level of care that we provide. We wouldn’t know the amount or how much deposit to ask not until they are ready to be rehomed.

Do you ship Poodle puppies?

Apologies but WE DO NOT SHIP any of our puppies.

Although, previously we had several provincial and international pawrents came to meet us to personally pick-up their very own Boudreaux Poodle and traveled back with them via boat or airplane.

Do you have a contact number?

Of course we do! However, we do not provide it publicly. If we missed something that is not written on explained on this website, please contact us.

We will be more than happy to answer your email. This is our preferred method of communication because it is generally convenient, rapid, effective and efficient.

Apologies in advance but we cannot entertain questions for answers that is readily available on this website.

Can I visit your kennel?

Please read our Visitation Policy.

How much grooming is needed?

How much grooming is required really depends on you and how you wish for your poodle to look. You can shave your poodle down every 3 months or you can let the coat come in longer and leave the face furry and get your poodle groomed every 8 weeks.

Grooming can cost as little as P650.00 or as much as P2,500.00 depending on the groomer and how many tangles your poodle has to work through.

When searching for a groomer you need to know how they take care of the ears and anal gland. They need to check if ear hair should be pulled out. Anal glands need to be expelled regularly.

Do you remove dewclaws?

Dewclaw removal is most often performed in puppies around 7 and 14 days old – deepening on their size. Boudreaux Kennel removes dewclaws to prevent future injury. We have had our poodles dewclaws greatly injured at groomers who didn’t expect a dewclaw to be there and almost amputated it when clipping.

We have had our Poodles themselves almost pull their dewclaws off when caught in carpet while running. We have also seen dewclaws gotten forgotten for months and not been clipped. Dewclaws will wrap around itself and embed into the leg causing great discomfort and needing a great deal of care to clip if not surgery.

Dewclaws do not get worn down on their own like other nails as they do not touch the ground. An injured dewclaw has a major amount of blood loss and excruciating pain to the dog. As a result of all of this we now routinely remove the dewclaws to ensure our pups are injury free.

Do you do tail docking?

Tail docking is performed when the puppy is between 7 and 14 days old – deepening on their size. It takes seconds and mom is in the same room and nurses them directly after. There are a variety of reasons given for docking tails, aesthetics and adherence to breed standard being two of them.

We also feel that the purpose of our Poodles as pets, is also benefited by shorter tails as our dogs will not knock over small toddlers or the elderly with their long whip like tails or clear any coffee table drinks. While these may sounds like a trivial reasons, you just have to see a child with their head bleeding or face burnt from hot liquids or a hip operation done on the elderly to put everything back into perspective.

Our dog’s are born with a purpose and tail docking helps them best perform that purpose be it Loving Companion. While tail docking costs us more money at the Vet, (hence the popularity of tails being left natural), our priority is the welfare of our pup.

Do you offer stud or mating service?


Dog Trainer Recommendation

Dog Trainer

We are also available to aid you in solving basic common puppy training issues. We do understand that puppy energy/behavior can be very overwhelming. We can aid you in finding a more suitable trainer to help you correct the puppy’s behavior.

Apologies, the trainer that we usually recommend already moved to the province  since mid 2020 due to COVID 19 pandemic. I will update this information as soon as I find someone that I can confidently recommend.

For whatever reason you can't take care of your Boudreaux Poodle anymore...

If you find that you are unable to care for your Boudreaux Poodle, please contact us immediately. We will gladly take him or her back at any age, for any reason and find another loving family. No questions asked.

Promotions, Collaborations or Sponsorship

Promotional freebies, product samples, giveaways and sponsorship for everyone are very much welcome 😊. Kindly reach out to us directly using our contact form.

I rarely check our social media inbox for message requests due busy schedule. 

All pooch related freebies will be given to our current and or future Boudreaux Poodle pawrents.

Do you have a Facebook Page?

Yes! our new Facebook page is –

With all the changes that we’ve made on our website, all pages that are linked to our old Facebook page will just result to a 404 page / page not found error.

It’s easier to just recreate a new page and start fresh.

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