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Our Story

Greetings and a warm welcome to our online haven, where the enchanting world of Boudreaux Poodles comes to life. Your decision to explore our website is a delightful choice, and we’re happy that you’re taking the time to delve into Our Story. Surely, you’ve already learned about the history of Poodles, those wonderful, steadfast companions.

As you navigate through our digital space, let me share a glimpse of our Kennel, a serene retreat up North, where the heart of our Poodle passion beats since 2002. Devoted exclusively to Poodles, our journey revolves around a steadfast goal — to unite responsible pet owners with bundles of joy, our vibrant and healthy puppies. The health and happiness of our furry friends are paramount, and we carefully stick to a rigorous vaccination and de-worming schedule.

Picture this: within the confines of our kennel, our adult Poodles reside in spacious indoor pens, each uniquely lined with comfortable plastic matting, complemented by a constant supply of fresh water. An exercise area beckons, a haven where they frolic and engage in joyful play during their designated playtime. Now, imagine the heart of our home, where mommies and puppies stay for a monitored 60 days. This meticulous attention ensures not only their physical well-being but also cultivates a nurturing environment for proper care and socialization. It’s a space where the pitter-patter of paws echoes through our living area, creating a harmonious melody of canine joy.

To add an extra layer of care, our Poodles receive weekly grooming sessions, and regular vet checks are a routine part of their lives. We believe in not just breeding Poodles but nurturing a community bound by love and responsibility.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Poodle enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of these delightful companions, our website unfolds a tapestry of passion, commitment, and the joy that is inherent in the Boudreaux Poodle experience.

Unleashing Joy: Where Poodle Passion Meets Perfect Matches!”

At Boudreaux Poodles, our primary mission is to spread the joy of owning poodles! Before you explore further, it’s important to know that our website isn’t crafted to merely attract clients or drive sales.

There’s a widespread misconception floating around about the pricing of our Poodles, with many assuming they are overpriced. But let me set the record straight –  that’s far from the truth. Some might think we exclusively breed celebrity Poodles, but in reality, it so happened that celebrities chose us because they believe in our exceptional breeding practices.

Our focus remains on breeding high-quality, island-raised purebred Poodles, both toy and miniature. So, rest assured, our prices reflect the dedication and care we put into our breeding practices, making us a trusted choice for those in the spotlight and anyone seeking a delightful and well-cared-for furry friend.

Now, let’s dive into the essence of our mission. We hold dear to our adult Poodles, and placing our puppies is not about numbers—it’s about creating personalized matches for these precious fur-babies.

What truly sets us apart is the personal touch. I maintain close connections with the new pawrents, forming bonds that extend beyond a simple transaction. They become cherished members of our growing Poodle family.

Now, onto the real excitement – raising our fur-babies! It’s an absolute delight to witness their weekly transformations, both physically and in the development of their unique personalities. Trust us, it’s a journey we savor, driven by our core mission of spreading the joy of owning these delightful poodles. Pure Poodle passion, no hidden agendas!

And here’s an insider’s tip: Everything unfolds on our Instagram page. Boudreaux extended families voluntarily share and send updates, giving you a firsthand look at the joy our puppies bring into their lives. It’s a community of Poodle love in every snapshot!

Fur Perfection: The Lap Companions That Won’t Leave a Trace!

Imagine a life where your furry friend doesn’t leave a trail of fuzz behind, where snuggles come without the worry of sneezes! Welcome to the world of Poodles.

Now, here’s a key point: Poodles are non-shedding and hypoallergenic, the perfect companions for your lap. If you’ve already been captivated by the idea of a Poodle pal, you’re on the right track! To make one of these delightful fur-babies your own, it’s as simple as heading to our website and filling out our online questionnaire. It’s your golden ticket to bringing a bundle of Poodle joy into your life. Don’t miss this chance—fill out the questionnaire today, and let the Poodle love story begin!

Litters and Supplies

All our poodles are treated as a part of the family and NOT just for breeding purposes. Our litter batches are limited to 1 batch per mom per year. That’s IF we decided to breed her on the current cycle. Most cased, we skip 1 -2 heat cycle as this severely depletes their health and decreases the chance of the Poodle moms giving birth to a healthy litter over time.

Breeding Poodles is not our bread and butter or business! Never was, never will be. To be honest, Boudreaux Kennel does not make money by selling puppies. We use the money we get as “Kennel Funds”. Our grooming supplies alone costs a LOT. We do not use human shampoos and cheap local soaps for our poodles. Heck, we don’t even buy our grooming supplies locally! We buy all our pet supplies either at K-Mart, Walmart or PetSmart in the U.S. for the fact it’s really cheaper there and it allows us to buy in bulk. But expenses are still expenses and we only want what’s best for our fur babies.

Puppy Availability

Our Poodles are cherished. Solid Temperament is our foundation. Boudreaux Poodle puppies available occasionally.

Our Poodles have calm, stable temperament, beauty, intelligence, health with unique magnificent color. We always keep this website and social media pages updated – mainly on Instagram.

We are not socially active on Facebook so make sure to follow us on Instagram – @toy.poodles.

Boudreaux Poodle Waitlist

I have owned Toy Poodles since 1990’s and started breeding late 2002. Owning and loving Toy Poodles is my passion and I hope you will also enjoy sharing your life with a Boudreaux Poodle. Kindly please read our Adoption Guidelines as this will provide you information on how to be included on our waitlist for a Boudreaux Poodle.

This Questionnaire brings us into perspective when it come to various requirements of both the puppy and his new pawrent or family. It serves as a guide to help us choose the best possible puppy and or litter that will best suit your lifestyle and needs. There are no right or wrong answers.

After receiving your application, it will be reviewed. At that time, if I have any questions or concerns I will and email you for clarification.

Please keep in mind that I only have our poodle puppies best interest in mind and of course I want you to be happy with your poodle puppy as well. I will not push a poodle puppy onto you if I feel that you will not be a good match for one of our poodle puppy, or we do not have what you want.


I understand you need information to help you make an educated choice on your lifetime companion. That is why I’ve have spent hours making sure our web page contains tons of information and answers to commonly asked questions and as user friendly as possible.

I am always happy to email you out further information or photos that you would like to see. Although we would love to chat on the phone with everyone who is interested in our amazing puppies, it would be most unrealistic because of the high volume of interest we receive. We have decided the best way for us to have time for our Poodles, ourselves and our family is to be readily available by email. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Spending the day on the phone, peddling my pups to potential adopters, is not something I will or can do. Boudreaux puppy inquiries, ranging from 5 to 25 per week, would overwhelm my schedule. It hinders family time and relaxation with my fur kids.

Opting to invest my time away from work in enjoying moments with my Poodles feels like the right choice. I believe my Poodles would nod in agreement, appreciating the attention and fun we share. If an adoption slips away because we’re not the most motivated salespeople, then that’s okay with us. Time spent bonding and creating memories outweighs the rush of sales.

Lastly, I am not a professional writer so please excuse the typos and (some) grammatical errors. I’m just letting my thoughts lead my fingers while typing (if its really that bad please contact me haha).

Feel free to browse around. I’ll consistently strive to enhance the information on our website whenever possible.

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