Last July 08, 2015 we’ve received an email that Zopim’s getKudos will permanently shutdown (click the image). For those who don’t know what it is, it allows to collect reviews/comments from the new pawrents of our poodle puppies using their Twitter or Facebook account and publish them in a clear, concise manner.

This is sad because getKudos was such an awesome plugin and they had to discontinue it due to lack of resources. Anyway, we were advised to export our existing data. Obviously, we didn’t… instead we just took a screenshot and here they are :

Facebook Review

and here’s one of the many Facebook reviews we received and we just thought to put it here (because it belongs here?) you can also see a lot more on our Instagram page.

Many Thanks!

to Mikael Daez and Megan Young for this podcast. We really appreciate you taking the time and shedding efforts just to share your experience and good vibes on this podcast. Really! we can’t thank you enough! 💕

Since getKudos’ farewell, we’ve been looking for an alternative that works like getKudos but unfortunately, there is none. Our new review system works totally different. It’s not as fancy as getKudos but what’s important that it wont shut down or just *poof* because the plugin is directly installed in our server.

“I applied in 2020 to be an adoptive furparent of a Boudreaux Poodle and finally this year, 2023, that dream came true when I got my Dylan! 🙌 I want to call him Shiro – meaning “white” in Japanese but my son said to name him KAI instead – Hawaiian term for ocean. Why? You may ask? KAI was so PEACEFUL like an ocean. 

You’d expect that he’d cry on his crate being his first day? NEVER! He slept soundly, poos and pees in his toilet with a training pad and knows how to return to his cage when he’s tired and wants to sleep! 

What an adorable PUP! I don’t know how Boudreaux Kennel does it but really they walk their talk! Thank you Boudreaux Kennel for a wonderful puppy. Definitely not your usual breeder. May your tribe increase! More pics and updates to come – definitely! 😘

Sarie S.

Photo credits to Ms Trish Carpio – @trishcarpio (Thank You!)

“If you’re looking for the best toy poodles, you’ve come to the right place. Boudreaux Kennel is no doubt the best toy poodle breeder in Metro Manila. The instructional emails that you’ll receive and the questionnaires that you answer prior adoption is clearly a sign that they really have a passion for what they do. That’s a rare quality for kennels these days.

As for my puppy, I’m surprised that the quality of pedigree is outstanding. He’s like the Brad Pitt of toy dogs here in our condo because his eyes are really different from most puppies i have seen and his cream coat is very-very well defined.

It’s only been 2 weeks since i had my puppy but i can’t already imagine life without him. I recommend Boudreaux Kennel being 100% honest in the screening process because what you are about to have is gonna be a major part of your life. I hope you get yours soon too!”

George S.

Credits to Ms Danie Barba – Thank you for the photo!

“What great joy our JIRO brings to the family! Your thorough screening of prospective furrents made sure we got the best, healthy purebred puppy with a temperament well-matched with our lifestyle.

We shall continue to shower him with TLC through the years as you did when you raised him in his first few of months. Thank you Boudreaux Kennel!”

Cecile K.

Thank you Ms Eriko for always keeping in touch from Japan!

“I’ve been thinking of having a fur companion since I came back to the Philippines late 2016, but more choices are very limited due to restrictions of pet ownership in the condo I’m currently staying. After doing some research, I decided that a poodle would be the most ideal for me as they are very smart and loyal companions.

I’ve been searching google for poodle breeders when I stumbled upon Boudreaux Kennel’s website. While there were countless of poodle breeders posting via OLX, I still decided to answer the questionnaire in Boudreux website and hopefully wait for a positive response.

The wait was very well worth it because the first time Ms. Kat sent me Pretzel’s pictures, I instantly fell in love with her. I can also tell during my interactions with Ms. Kat that she really raised her puppies like her own babies, which shows how much well behaved and socialized Pretzel is when she first came to me. Cheers!”

Wowie L.

“Hi Boudreaux Kennel! Just wanna let you know that KILLIAN is an absolute joy!!! He’s so loving and has become our daughter’s very best friend.

You have truly provided our family with such an adorable, well-socialized & healthy puppy! We have no problems with him whatsoever!

It is beyond obvious to us that due to your quality care, we can look forward to enjoying Killian for many, many years! And for that — THANK YOU!!!”

Lynn Duarte

Drake Deon · Cream oy Poodle · Boudreaux Kennel“Back in 2021, my cousin wanted a poodle really bad and asked to to fill up Boudreaux’s questionnaire to have more entries. Totally forgot about this but was surprised to receive an email and a viber message saying they have a puppy for me while I was out of the country. Oatmeal’s face is so cute and adorable that i can’t stop looking at the pics sent by Boudreaux Kennel 😊

Oatmeal is perfect, easy to manage and well behaved with a bit of playfulness. I feel so lucky i made the Boudreaux cut! You guys have the best poodles 🥰

Mela O.

“We got Oliver Queen as Greyson from Boudreaux Kennel.

He’s so adorable, well-socialized, and active. He had no problem adjusting to our home. He even adjusted well to our apprehensive older dog. Overall, Oliver Queen is such a great addition to our family!”

Crissie H.

Thank you Mr Albert Amoranto for this cute photo!

“Back then, I was already following Boudreaux Kennel’s page. I just knew that when the time is right, I’ll have my dog from them. When I had the courage to pursue having my first dog, the timing was so perfect. They were looking for a good loving home for Trixie, formerly known as Tink, and I was so prepared to have a dog.

You could already see how intensive the selection process would be for the future homes of boudreaux kennel’s puppies just through their questionnaires. I’m so grateful that in my case, the decision was so quick. From the time I’ve submitted my application to getting Trixie, it made me think that it’s really destined for us to be together.

Now Trixie’s one year old and I couldn’t be more happier! She had brought joy to our family. She’s so well-behaved, loving and obedient. All of my family members adore her.

Thank you Boudreaux Kennel for entrusting her to me. I know I’m a year late for sending you my reviews, but I’m still so grateful that I have Trixie now in my life. 🙂”

Rochelle P.

“Been wanting to own a poodle but I was having a really tough time finding one since a lot of poodle for sale are being posted online; none of them catches my eye until I found Boudreaux Kennel’s website.

Thank you very much for entrusting me Luke, such a loving puppy and I knew it the minute i saw his photo that he was perfect for me. Luke not only captured my eyes but my heart 🙂 To Boudreaux Kennel thank you so much for matching me with my baby luke I am very grateful.”

Jen O.

“When I saw Tyler, formerly known as “Jacob”, on Boudreaux Kennel’s website I instantly knew he was the one. I quickly browsed through the website’s FAQs and saw the questionnaire for buyers. It was like an application form.

Boudreaux’ questionnaire for buyers seemed daunting but I actually appreciated it. It meant the kennel cared about what type of family adopted their little furbabies. The questions gave the kennel insight on what type of potential owner I was and at the same time I was able to understand why I really wanted a Toy Poodle and nothing else.

It was with anticipation that I waited for Boudreaux’ confirmation. K., Boudreaux Kennel’s owner, was very accommodating. She replied right away that she received my answers. I didn’t wait long for her confirmation that I was accepted as Tyler’s new owner.

She quickly provided instructions on what to buy for the puppy and what type of food he ate. It really showed that she cared so much about the puppies.

When we got Tyler, we received specific instructions on how to take good care of him. He was a happy puppy (still is) with a good disposition and a great personality. We knew that he was truly loved by his former owners. That’s why he grew up to be such a good and obedient dog.

K. also asked us to tag her on photos and videos of Tyler so she can keep up with how he is. Again, we appreciated this very much.

We’re very happy that we found Boudreaux Kennel. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have our little Tyler Smyler to brighten up our lives.”

Bong Fernandez

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