Boudreaux Poodle Puppy Application

Boudreaux Poodle Puppy Adoption

Before submitting your details to us, please take the time to read and understand this page. We do not entertain inquiries for answers that are readily available on our website. Additionally, we want to ensure that you have the correct information, do not receive any wrong impressions and avoid any misunderstandings.

Why “Adoption”?

We do not use the word ‘SELL’ to refer to our Boudreaux Poodle Puppies. They are not merchandise that can be simply pointed at, grabbed, and taken away.

We are not looking for buyers, but rather for great homes and loving families for our home-raised, well-loved Poodles.

We DO NOT and absolutely WILL NOT knowingly rehome our puppies to puppy mill operations or brokers. Boudreaux Kennel puppies are rehomed as pets only to families and individuals, and not for breeding purposes.

We do not depend on our Poodles for a living; we live for our Poodles! We run our own businesses full-time to afford to care for our Poodles. Breeding is an expensive ‘HOBBY’ of ours, and we believe there are no perfect breeders, only breeders who strive to perfect their hobby. A breeder needs a full-time job to afford this expensive hobby ‘if’ they are breeding as a hobby.

✨ We work hard to keep our prices reasonable so that you can obtain a well-bred and wonderful puppy at an affordable price! If you are interested, please fill out our questionnaire.


The purpose of our questionnaire is to gather brief information about you and your family. Each puppy has a unique personality, and your answers will help us match you with the puppy that best fits your lifestyle and home environment.

Submitting your details does not automatically make you eligible to adopt one of our puppies. Our puppies are raised with loving care and in a stress-free environment as part of our family. In order to ensure the future happiness of each puppy we re-home, we carefully screen each potential future pawrent.

We apologize in advance if anyone finds our screening process rude – that is not our intention. We love our Poodles very much, and often shed tears when our pups leave for their new homes. It is extremely important to us that each puppy is promised a future of loving care in an excellent home. Our goal is to provide families with the opportunity to own an excellent puppy.

Our Ethical Approach to Healthy Poodle Puppies

As a Poodle breeder with over two decades of experience, I want to emphasize that genetics is not always guaranteed due to factors beyond our control. Unfortunately, genetic testing is not readily available in the Philippines, which makes it even more crucial to carefully match the sire and dam based on their certificate of pedigree.

To prevent inbreeding and genetic defects in our puppies, we take great care in selecting the right pair of dogs for breeding. We ensure that they are not closely related and come from different lines of ancestry. This practice has helped us produce healthy and happy Poodle puppies over the years. In the first five years of our breeding program, there were some cases where we acquired a third-party stud from a trusted fellow breeder in order to build our own bloodline. However, we no longer do this and instead focus on carefully selecting our breeding pairs based on their certificate of pedigree, ensuring that they are not closely related and come from different lines of ancestry. Despite these limitations, we are committed to our ethical and responsible breeding practices.

During our more than 20 years of experience, we have encountered only 3 (three) cases of undescended testicle in our Poodle puppies. As a responsible breeder, we feel it’s important to be honest and transparent with our prospective families. While we cannot control everything in nature, we do our best to ensure that our breeding practices are ethical and responsible, and we take pride in producing healthy and well-tempered Poodle puppies for our extended families.


Starting June 2022, all puppies from Boudreaux Kennel will come with a microchip issued by the Philippine Canine Club at no additional cost. Additionally, each puppy will come with their vaccination record, worming history and schedule, feeding timetable, a four-generation pedigree, basic supplies, and a goodie bag!

Important Details

Please ensure that you provide the necessary details to appear on the puppy’s litter registration form once the ownership has been transferred to you. This includes your full name, address, and contact number(s). If you have a co-owner, please provide their name, address, and contact number(s) by replying to the email thread of our conversation.

Additionally, we will need accurate information for your Poodle’s microchip data. This information is particularly important if you plan to travel outside the Philippines or migrate with your furkid.

Security Deposit

Yes and No. Please check our FAQ sections for answers to commonly asked questions.

Before You Proceed…

Before proceeding to our Questionnaire page, please ensure that you have a clear mind, free time (without any interruptions), and a cup of coffee ☕ to allow yourself to take your time completing each section. The Questionnaire provides us with insight into the various requirements of both the puppy and their new pawrent or family. It serves as a guide to help us choose the best possible puppy or litter that will suit your lifestyle and needs. There are no right or wrong answers.

Lastly, we would like to recommend that you check out our previous post titled “Vital Info About Adopting a Boudreaux Poodle Puppy“. It contains some valuable additional information that may be useful for you.  Thanks a bunch!

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