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Vital Info About Adopting a Boudreaux Poodle Puppy

We often receive messages and comments about adopting our puppies. Some have asked if there’s a waiting list, or stated that they’ve received messages from people claiming to represent us. Others have asked if they’ll hear from us after the application period.

We understand your concerns! Keep reading to learn more about our contact policies and why we limit our puppy adoptions.

Kindly Check Our Website for Important Details

We gently remind all prospective poodle adopters to read the information on our site. As much as we would like to have every dog lover adopt, we also have to take into consideration the best needs of our puppies. After adoption applicants have filled out our questionnaire, we review their details to determine if they will be a good fit for one of our poodles.

If you and/or your family are a match, we will notify you when we have a poodle puppy that best suits your environment and lifestyle. We do not update or contact families and or individuals before we’ve determined that they are a match, because we do not want to raise false hopes or make empty promises.

We post any available poodle pups on this page: If this page has nothing posted, this means there are currently no puppies available for adoption.

Not all puppies that we post on our social media pages are up for adoption.
If you are waitlisted for a Miniature size Poodle, it doesn’t mean you are also waitlisted for a toy sized Poodle.
Again, we do not contact anyone until everything is ready and the puppy is ready for rehoming.

Raising Poodles Is Our Labor Of Love, Not A Business

Unlike businesses that breed dogs for profit, Boudreaux Kennel does not seek to raise poodles quickly to make a quick buck. We cherish each and every one of our puppies, and see this endeavor as a side venture which is not our bread and butter.

Whatever we collect from successful adopters is used to pay for the costs of raising poodles in a warm and nurturing environment. We take great care to keep our poodles healthy, well-fed, active, as well as wonderfully groomed.

Please understand this when you see that there is a scarcity of available puppies for adoption. We don’t raise them to sell them. If they’re born, we see it as a wonderful opportunity to bring a bundle of furry joy into someone’s life. Because of this, we do our utmost to vet every applicant before agreeing to an adoption.

Beware Of Fake Pages Posing As Boudreaux Kennel

We’ve also received multiple reports that there are several fake pages posing as Boudreaux Kennel on social media. These pages basically pretend to be affiliated with us to sell their puppies to unsuspecting dog lovers.

They may not take the same pains to vet prospective adopters. They may also fail to raise poodles with the same high standard of care as we do. Unhappily, this can result in adopting poodles with health problems, behavioral issues, and other concerns that new owners will struggle to manage.

Please also remember that we are not socially active on Facebook, and mostly respond on Instagram. If you receive a suspicious message from an account claiming to be Boudreaux Kennel on Facebook, stay alert! This is because they may be a scammer. When in doubt, stick to our main website, as it has all the info you need:

Table of Contents

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