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Quin Walden – Red Toy Poodle Pup : My little brother already told you all about me. He did forget to mention a couple of key things, though. He forgot to tell you how smart we are. We sometimes get to play in the puppy yard on the really nice days. We have already learned how to climb the 12 little stairs – sometimes we just wanna show off. The reason doesn’t matter, we are just darned smart! I see that she did mention our extra cute little faces. My mama produces the cutest darned little red puppies ever. Well, and my daddy too. Probably because they’re so good lookin’.

Poodle Puppy Details

Litter Registration Name : Quin Walden Boudreaux // Gender : Male // Born : 04 APR 2017 // Color : Solid Red // Size : Toy

Quin was picked up earlier today 21 JUNE 2017 by Tita Cecile. Family friend of Ms Louise and Tita Malou who owns lucky since 2008 ? Quin will now be known as “Jiro” means second son. Thank you so much for giving one of our Poodle pup a loving home.

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"When life gets ruff, a Poodle's wagging tail is the best therapy money can't buy."

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