Navigating the Web Hosting Rollercoaster: My Recent Dev Drama

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Navigating the Web Hosting Rollercoaster: My Recent Dev Drama

Hey, fam! I’m just going to rant a bit and I will be spilling the tea on the crazy ride I’ve been on lately, and trust me, it’s been wild from the get-go. Picture this: the past few months felt like a tornado of tasks hit me, and it’s been a whole mood. So, let me take you through the chaos, from a skyrocketing to-do list to juggling a squad of websites.

The Task Tornado

Life got real, y’all! From regular stuff to unexpected curveballs, it all piled up like a stack of pancakes, reaching a crazy 100% on the chaos meter. And then, we had the infamous “ghost month,” where tradition and superstition took the wheel, making it feel like I was dodging vibes left and right. But, in the midst of all this, the websites demanded their glow-up, and I couldn’t ghost on that responsibility.

Hosting Drama: Last-Minute Moves

As I was hustling on the eighth website, Bluehost hits me with a bombshell—an outrageous price hike, demanding a jaw-dropping $796.05 USD for 36 months! Seriously? No way am I forking out that kind of cash, especially considering your server isn’t all that. With an October 12 deadline staring me down, I had to hustle and migrate everything. Why? Because my hosting plan was playing hard to get, only allowing two domains even though it was supposed to be the superhero with “UNLIMITED DOMAINS, UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH.” Oh, the irony!. So, guess what? Hostinger to the rescue!

Navigating the Web Hosting Rollercoaster: My Recent Dev Drama

Thankfully, everything is almost done, and I’ve managed to carve out some time to update this website. As if the hosting saga wasn’t enough, Twitter’s API threw a curveball, deciding not to work. Rather than delving into the why (I heard it’s not free anymore), I opted to use my plugin. Oh, and the Instagram plugin decided to join the rebellion as well!

In a nutshell, the past months have been a wild ride of managing a plethora of websites, dealing with unexpected price hikes, executing a last-minute migration dance, and tackling unruly plugins. Life in the digital lane is no joke.

Closing Note: An Honest Word on Bluehost

While riding this tumultuous wave of website chaos, let me drop some real talk. Bluehost, oh Bluehost, we used to vibe, but now it’s a different story. That hefty price increase and server struggles? Not the move, my friend. It’s affecting the speed, and we all know a slow site can hit your SEO hard.

So, here’s my two cents: If you’re thinking about diving into the web world, maybe give Bluehost a pass. It had its glory days, but lately, it’s been more of a headache than a helper. And hey, I’m not here for the slow vibes messing with my SEO game.

I just had to put this here because, honestly, I needed to let this off my chest. It’s pretty annoying! If you ever plan to start a website, stay away from Bluehost. It was great before, but lately not so much. It became too slow, which will affect your SEO. I just had to put this here as I needed to let this out of my chest. It’s pretty annoying!

Table of Contents

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