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Staci Hensly · Toy Poodle

Stacy is now known as Chloe – the left one on the photo. The one on the right is Trixie – also a Boudreaux Poodle. Chloe was rehomed back in July 11(ish), 2017. This post was created 11, JUL 2022.

For some reason, I wasn’t able to create a post for her  back in 2017 because Chloe was already reserved by their family way back right after they adopted Trixie from us and I can no longer find her puppy pic unless I dig with each and every portable hdd backups. Oh well… here’s her grown-up pics.

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Staci Hensly Boudreaux
Gender : Female //  Born : 30 MAY 2017 // Color : Solid White // Size : Toy


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Remembering @vanellephee travelling all the way from La Union to Quezon City for Chloe. It was a looooooong drive.

This immaculate White colored Poodle (not cream) is pretty rare for @boudreauxkennel to produce since our lineage is more on Red and now were shifting and aiming to produce more Cholocate toy or hoping for a tiny toy size #Poodle within the next decade.

@trixie_toypoodle sure do have a loving pawrent and loving fam! 💕


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