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A Guide To Poodles: Basic Info & Fun Facts

Many people believe that poodles are spoiled, frou-frou dogs that aren’t the brightest tools in the shed. However, there’s more to these beautiful, well-groomed pets than meets the eye. Originally bred as hunting dogs in Europe, poodles are also highly intelligent and sociable creatures.

Read on to learn more about this adaptable and surprisingly smart breed. As we break down poodle stereotypes, you may find yourself also wanting to adopt one of Boudreaux’s wonderful pups!

All About Poodles: Origin And Features

The first poodles trained as hunter dogs, as shown in the origin of their name! “Poodle” is taken from the German word “pudel”, which translates into “to splash in the water”. This is because poodles helped hunters retrieve fallen birds from water puddles – they’re water retrievers!

This also explains the typical look you’ll see poodles sporting. They have puffs of hair around their joints, but this isn’t just to make them look cute and fluffy! Those puffs were intended to be kept voluminous so their joints would be warmer in the water as they splashed.

They’re the only dog breed that comes in three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy poodles that are less than 10 inches in height. Poodles also have very proportionally long legs, making them highly athletic as well as ideal trick dogs. They love to prance and are a very active breed, making them top performers in shows!

More Grooming, But Better For Allergies

Unlike other dogs that have seasonal fur lengths, poodles have hair that continuously grows just like ours. Poodles take baths every two to three weeks just for proper fur maintenance.

More Grooming, But Better For Allergies · Boudreaux Kennel

While this means you’ll need to spend more on grooming them, they come with a wonderful plus: low dander. This makes them fantastic pets for dog lovers with allergies.

Why Adopt A Poodle Into Your Loving Home?

If you’re looking for a smart, capable fur-ever friend who’ll shower you with love and affection, look no further than the charming poodle.

Poodles aren’t all beauty and no brains – they’re frequently praised by dog trainers as being highly trainable. They’re incredibly intelligent, ranking second only to border collies. They also have an intense desire to please, making them excellent seeing-eye, social therapy, or service dogs.

They’re great for single people, couples, and families with children alike because of their sociability, amiable temperament, and quickness to adapt. With an average lifespan of roughly 11 to 12 years, you’ll have a long time to love and grow together with this incredible dog.

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Boudreaux cares for miniature and toy-size poodles, and we keep these loyal companions active and healthy so they’re ready for their forever home. Drop us a line if you want to learn more about our amazing dogs, and how you can apply to have your own fur baby to love.

Copper by @bernswee2004 of @coppershadownkaiser and Weston Briggs Boudreaux aka Pepper by Albert Amoranto – both Boudreaux Poodle.

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Table of Contents

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