Elyse Malika 路 Tiny Toy Poodle 路 Boudreaux Kennel

Elyse Malika 路 Tiny Toy Poodle

Our last tiny Caf茅 au Lait. She will be rehomed to Darwin Mariano and Carlo Miguel Francia 馃挄

The lineage ends here 馃槶 I have decided to stop her mom鈥檚 breeding program last 2019. Since I have achieved the perfect Tiny sized Caf茅 Au Lait, Liver nosed Poodle pup. She is my dream and accomplishment. #AchievementUnlocked 馃槀

Elyse Malika 路 Tiny Toy Poodle 路 Boudreaux Kennel
Darwin and his partner has been waiting since 2015 and I know that Laksa will be well taken care of.

I just hope that Kimchi and Tomyum will welcome her and tolerate her kulit stage. Tomyum and Kimchi are already in their senior years. 8 and 11 years old. 馃挄

My next goal is to produce a healthy Tiny Chocolate Poodle. It鈥檚 a long shot but hey! who knows?! yeah?

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Elyse Malika Boudreaux
Gender : Female // Born : 29 NOV 2019 // Color : Liver Nose + Caf茅 au Lait // Size : Toy (Tiny)


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She is one of the secret puppies 馃ぃ Laksa Caf茅 au Lait tiny toy Poodle and her new furent @darwinmariano worth the wait聽yes? 馃槉

She鈥檚 really precious. its kinda hard for me to let her go 馃槶 I always trust my instincts and i know deep in my heart she be in a loving home like ours. 馃挄 Thanks Darwin & Carlo 馃挄 for giving Laksa a great loving home.

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