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Zavian Brandon · Miniature Poodle

Ian has a BIG personality! at the same time, he likes to goof around with his siblings. This handsome furball can be both a bouncy and laid-back stuffed toy. He has a sound temperament allowing him to adapt easily to different stimuli in his surroundings without being overly assertive or shy. He is always on the go and ready for that active lifestyle.

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Zavian Brandon Boudreaux
Gender : Male // Born : 25 FEB 2022 // Color : Solid Apricot // Size : Miniature

Ian will go on very long walks and be the happy-go-lucky pup that jumps into your arms or lap for attention. These traits are what makes Ian unique.

Gio chose the name Kopi for Ian just like how coffee is ordered in Singapore. Temporarily, Ms Trish was the one who picked up Kopi for her sister in law. Their whole family will be moving back to Philippines from Singapore this July 2022. I can’t wait for Kopi and Gio to finally meet.

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"The secret to happiness is simple: own a Poodle and let the joy begin."

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