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Why You Need a Poodle in Your Life?

Every pet is a gift. However, some things make poodles extraordinary. It has the beauty, versatility, and brain that will catch your heart instantly. It is one of the sweetest dog breeds you’ll ever have in your life. Here’s why!

Poodles Have Three Size Choices

Poodles come with three different sizes that will match your preferences. The largest poodle is about 50-60 pounds that is 15-inch tall. So, if you want a poodle that you can go around with, then this one can be the right one for you. (We do not breed standard size Poodle though)


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The second one is the Miniature Poodle (on the left). Actually, this is the medium size of this breed. The weight can be 15-17 pounds at 11-inch tall.

The smallest type of this breed is the Toy Poodle (on the right). It can fit anywhere, and it can be the cutest thing you can have at home. It only weighs 6-9 pounds and 9-inch tall.

You Can Take them in the Water

This lovely poodle can play in the water. You’ll see that this breed has pom-poms in the ankle, head, and body. The truth is, it is a gift for them. It keeps them warm despite the cold water. So, if you are planning to go to a waterpark or beach, don’t forget to bring your Poodle with you.


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Poodles ace in sports

As you can see from dog sports, the poodles are the highest performing among other breeds. They can do an excellent job when it comes to nose work and different abilities. If you are planning to join some dog sports, make sure to put the poodle in your first list.

Poodles are Photogenic

Pet owners surely love to flex their pets on their social media account. Well, poodles know how to do a cute-looking pose to catch the hearts of many people. Their brown eyes and long legs make them look beautiful at any angle.


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Poodles Don’t Shed

A lot of dog breeds shed a lot. It is totally different from Poodles since they have hair instead of furs. Their hairs have a more extended growth period. That’s why, before it falls out, it will grow more. Another good thing about their hair is being water-resistant, the reason why they rarely get allergic reactions than other breeds.

They Give You Unconditional Love

Who doesn’t love cuddles at night? Poodles are indeed extra active during the day, but they are also cuddly when the light gets dimmer. Instead of getting your heated blanket, your poodle can keep you warm throughout cold weather.


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Poodles are Genius

Of course, training is also crucial for dogs. The good news is that poodles learn faster. They can even learn hundreds of words throughout their lives. If you are not the best dog trainer in town, the poodle can learn some things through observing and their instincts. That’s why you don’t need to spend a lot of hours to train them.

So, if you are planning to have a pet dog for your own, don’t forget to put the poodle breed on your list. You will surely have someone to lean on through your good and bad times! Get a Poodle!

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Table of Contents

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"Poodles have a way of teaching us that love and elegance can coexist in one fluffy package."

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