Beau Eiden 路 Miniature Poodle 路 Boudreaux Kennel

Beau Eiden 路 Miniature Poodle

This is Beau. Beau is undeniably cute, super smart and will melt your heart. 馃 His super extra thick coat plus his creamy brown color makes him nothing but close to a teddy bear. Both him and his brother needed extra drying time after bathing compared to our previous Poodle batches. We don鈥檛 blow dry them at this very young age and we stick to towel dry. He took 1.5 hours to fully dry!

Personality and Energy Level

As you can see on the imbedded Instagram photo below, he is a fast learner. He immediately found the wee wee pad that is not even his! I was actually sitting far and lucky enough I was able to catch him in the act and had a chance to take the snap. Many thanks to P50 pro the shot is clear enough even from afar (not sponsored hehe). Based on many years of experience having Poodles, he is the type of a Poodle who is always keen to learn new tricks and will always look forward to it.

As per his energy, it level it still falls under normal range of playfulness as a puppy. Owning both Sire and Dam, both of his parents where playful during their puppyhood and eventually mellowed down when as they mature. He is not hyper and not chill at the same time 鈥 a perfectly balanced Poodle puppy that will surely bring joy in any kind of household with or without kids.

50 Shades Lighter 鈫 click the link to read further information about Beau & Blaine

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Beau Eiden Boudreaux
Gender : Male // Born : 30 AUG 2022 // Color : Cream聽 // Size : Miniature

Beau Eiden 路 Miniature Poodle 路 Boudreaux Kennel

Also, he is well socialized with kids, cats & plants. They鈥檝e been around some of our indoor plants and they never touched it 鈥 not even sniffed it. I don鈥檛 know it just doesn鈥檛 seem to be interesting to them.


Beau is now Yogi. He鈥檚 adopted by a wonderful pawrent and was rehomed last 08 NOV 2022. I just wasn鈥檛 able to update this post. You can see more of his photos on his own IG account @yogibear.minipoodle.

Beau Eiden 路 Miniature Poodle 路 Boudreaux Kennel

We are always looking for great homes and loving families for our home raised, well loved Poodles. See other Poodle puppies listed under Pawfect Pups category. If there are no puppies listed available for adoption and you are willing to wait for the next puppy that will suit your lifestyle and environment 鈥 please visit our Waitlist page for more info.

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