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50 Shades Lighter

Beau (Café) & Blain (Latte) – our last batch of puppies for this year 2022. Special thanks to 🤎 Boneezy for the nicknames.

So, what’s up with the title? haha well… our previous Poodle batches were either Red, Apricot or Black. For a change, these two handsome fellas are Cream colored Poodle puppies – they are 1st batch of the light colored Boudreaux Poodle generation.

Should’ve named one of them Shawn…(the Sheep)

They have thicker wool compared to our previous batches. When I say thick… it’s sheep thick! they need extra drying time and they actually look like tiny little sheep 😂 they look like fluff balls! They will need extra time with their daily combing session. But that’s ok! It is a great bonding moment.

A New Approach

Since they are both males, we decided to raise them a little bit differently. We don’t want them to be just cute and cuddly frou-frou dog 😊.  Aside from potty training them (potty photo below ), we also want them to be somehow extra alert in a guar dog(ish) way.

Potty Trained · Boudreaux Poodles

Right now, these 2 head turners are both growing up as a super confident poodle puppies and with their looks… definitely head turners. (check their individual profiles for more photos)

Strict Vaccination Schedule & Regularly Vet Checked

As of today, 17 OCT 22 they have a total of:

  • Three (3) dewormings. The 3rd deworming was administered earlier today, 17 OCT 2022. The 4th will be on 30 OCT 2022.
  • One (1) shot of Nobivac dated 10 OCT 2022. The 2nd shot will be on 31 OCT 2022.

Strict Vaccination Schedule & Regularly Vet Checked · Boudreaux Poodles

Please note that due to my crazy schedule, I might not being able to update the dates on this post. Rest assured that all Boudreaux puppies are always on strict vaccination schedule and regularly checked by a trusted licensed veterinarian that I’ve known for years.

Are they looking for a new home?

Yes and No. Blain is already reserved to a loving family since mid August 2022. As for Beau, I am waiting for confirmation from a qualified family whos next in line on our waitlist. So, let’s see if Beau will be open for reservation by next week. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for updates.

Next Batch?

The combined genes of both Dam and Sire of this batch turned out really quite well and I am really excited for the future litters. But because we do not breed our Poodles every heat cycle and we strongly believe in quality over quantity – our next light colored poodle batch would be probably around early to mid 2024 and of course, that will depend on what nature decides to give us.

We are always looking for great homes and loving families for our home raised, well loved Poodles. See other Poodle puppies listed under Pawfect Pups category looking for new homes. If there are no puppies listed available for adoption and you are willing to wait for the next puppy that will suit your lifestyle and environment – please visit our Adoption Guidelines page for information on how to be on our Waitlist.

Table of Contents

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