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What Is A Poodle’s Life Expectancy?

Every dog breed has a different life expectancy and typical health issues. But with proper care and extra love, you can keep an eye out for these as well as help your pet to stay active and lively. What is the average life expectancy of a poodle? Does your fur-friend’s size affect how long they’ll live? What can you do to keep them in good health?

Read on to learn more about how long poodles live, and how their size may affect their longevity. We’ll also give you tips on offering them proper poodle care!

Poodle Size Affects Life Expectancy

There’s an old belief amongst some dog owners and trainers that larger dogs live shorter lives. This used to be pinned on the idea that larger dogs have larger bodies, so therefore their organs have more work to do like pumping blood.

However, there’s more to it than just having a large body! It turns out that larger dogs were found to age at an accelerated rate. This makes larger poodles more likely to get certain diseases at an earlier age than smaller poodles, such as arthritis and joint problems.

The average life expectancy for a toy poodle and a miniature poodle is fortunately at a relatively long 15 years. Many of these sweet little babies can expect to live between 14 to 16 years, giving them more time in your loving home as a fond companion.

Poodle Care: How To Help Your Poodle Live Healthily

Dogs don’t have a lifespan comparable to humans, but we can give them the best care possible to give them many happy years in our homes. Here are some things you can implement to give them a better life.

  • Give your poodle plenty of exercise. Poodles are very active and certainly need daily exercise. Keep in mind that this exercise shouldn’t be too strenuous. This is especially true for toy poodles, because they may injure themselves if they jump from heights.
  • Feed your poodle the best food possible. Many commercial food brands are basically made from low-quality, “non-meat” animal parts or dead animals that weren’t deemed fit for humans to eat. Others are also made with lots of preservatives or artificial coloring. Please search for high quality dog food or opt for home cooking.
  • Spay or neuter your poodle. This will eliminate the chances of female poodles developing ovarian cancer, as well as males for developing testicular cancer.
  • Give your poodle clean, filtered water. Tap water can have legally permitted amounts of run-off, bacteria, and pesticides. Install a filter to your tap so your poodle can drink the water safely.

With Proper Maintenance And Care, A Poodle Will Live Many Happy Years!

Poodles are fortunate to have a relatively long life expectancy. However, don’t forget that owner care is always critical to a poodle’s quality of life and resulting life span. Be a responsible fur parent and follow these simple tips so your fur baby can live a long, happy life with your family!

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Table of Contents

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