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Pierre Mason · Toy Poodle

Last December 2016, I received a Toy Poodle Puppy Application from Ms Sarah Lahbati for her son Zion. Boudreaux Kennel went on a break for the whole year of 2016. Since we were on a break, we didn’t have any Toy Poodle puppy to offer. I was only able to reply her email last May when Mason and Greyson turned 1.5 months old. I am shocked that Ms. Sarah patiently waited for a Toy Poodle Puppy from us.

Our inbox had 150+ unread emails since 2016. excluding spams, promotions and offers. Believe me, up to now I am still reading half of them.

Poodle Puppy Details

Litter Registration Name : Pierre Mason Boudreaux // Gender : Male // Born : 25 MAR 2017 // Color : Solid Apricot // Size : Toy

Mason is already scheduled to be delivered to their loving home this coming June 08. They were suppose to pick Mason up on June 03 but Ms Sarah sent me a message that Richard wont be available that day and Richard wants to be there to pick Mason up. Honestly, i caught myself starring at my phone making sure that i have read what she said.

Pierre Mason · Sarah Lahbati's Boudreaux Poodle

I am aware how busy their schedule can get and I am actually lucky that I will be able to catch the whole family in 1 roof! I am looking forward to meet the Gutierrez family in person.

Rehoming Day

So we arrived 15 mins late earlier at their place. The traffic along Ortigas Ave., is just horrific ? (as usual). But Mason the Toy Poodle is just chilling at the back and took his nap. We never had issues traveling with Toy Poodle Mason.

So, we parked outside… everyone in their house it just too friendly hehe…when the door opened, whoa! it’s Mr. Richard Gutierrez and Ms Sarah Lahbati! ? THE RICHARD GUTIERREZ and THE SARAH LAHBATI haha #gualatshock lang. Ms Sarah is just so pretty pretty even without makeup!

The moment Ms. Sarah held Toy Poodle Mason – instantly, i knew that she is truly a dog lover. You know this gut feeling… yea… i just know!

I am so happy that Mason the Toy Poodle was able to find a great home and a loving family. Thank you Ms Sarah and Richard for the very warm welcome earlier and i am glad that you guys love Mason. Thank you so much for the Tag on Instagram. Please keep it coming ? I can’t wait to see Zion’s reaction when he finally meet Mason and i am looking forward to see that video.

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"The best kind of therapy has a wagging tail and curly fur."

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