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Willow Alivia · Toy Poodle

Oh Willow, she’s one sweet little furball! i think, the nature miscalculated and poured all the refinement of sophistication into this one. Well, shes the only girl in the litter. She just sits back, mind her own business while she watch her 2 brothers wrestle and being disciplined by their mom.

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Willow Alivia Boudreaux
Gender : Male // Born : 21 MAR 2020 // Color : Solid Black // Size : Toy

Without a doubt she’s really sweet, the calmest and the one who loves to pose in front of the camera without any tricks or bribes! she just sits there and do her thing. She will spend most of her day in Anika’s bed playing quietly with Anika’s toys (Anika is the red one).

Just like Briggs, Willow has found her new family. A family that share the same love for dogs and outdoors. Erika lives an active lifestyle. Her kids don’t do rough play, they’re very gentle and good-natured. Perfect for Willow!

And when it comes to burning those Willow’s excess energy, Erika will always be there to run with her! I cant wait to see those photos and videos of Willow’s life journey with her amazing new family.

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"Poodles may be small in size, but they have giant hearts."

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