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Rowen Darvin · Miniature Poodle

My brother Ronil mentioned about our great team and we come as a package! Where ever he goes, I go! Me and my brother tends to play rough sometimes. Our sisters are always keeping their distance from us. Oh well, boys will be boys right? Oh! lastly i have a super insane curly hair.

Poodle Puppy Details

Litter Registration Name : Rowen Darvin Boudreaux
Gender : Male // Born : 26 MAY 2017 // Color : Solid Apricot // Size : Miniature

Rowen Darvin and Ronil Carbry are both reserved to Ms. Amor ❣️ of Cagayan de Oro City. She recently lost her 14 years and 6 months old mix poodle/terrier last July 2, 2017 due to old age. Upon reading her submitted details, this particular phrase caught my attention – “Our pets made us a real parents”. This is the real deal here! i know exactly how she feels and i can relate.

Thank you Barbas Family for your kind hearts and for giving the 2 boys a great home. Welcome to Boudreaux family!

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"Poodles make every day feel like a warm and fuzzy hug."

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