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Amelia Dior · Toy Poodle

Dior is such a diva! her jet black coat makes her extra gorgeous. yes, she’s the tiniest but she has the biggest personality. I am going to be completely honest with you. Taking her photos is a struggle! and I don’t know why. She is not wiggly at all! she’s actually super calm and chill but for some reason… the shots are either blurry or super blurry.

Probably because I started her shoot late afternoon. Since I am not a professional photographer and I am only using a mobile device and I have no lighting equipment, I solely rely on the natural light.

Amelia Dior · Toy Poodle · Boudreaux Kennel

Believe me, I tried everything! I even tried to put her directly under a LED light 😂. Still no luck! haha Also, she has to have her own blankie. Since I ran out… I just used one of our microfiber towels and she’s fine with it.

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Amelia Dior Boudreaux
Gender : Female // Born : 02 AUG 2022 // Color : Black // Size : Toy

What We Are Looking For?

We are looking for a family that will love and spoil her without limits! Due to her size, she is not suitable for a household with kids. She’s jet black and hard to spot if she is in a dark area. We do not want to risk anyone accidentally stepping at her – being in a well lit area is a must! or being with another dog as a playmate that can easily be spotted will work as well hahah.

Amelia Dior · Toy Poodle · Boudreaux Kennel

Personality wise… as you can see on the photo above… I made her my table ornament 😂.  She is really playful and for some weird reason sometimes she acts like a bunny…she hops… which made her really cute! I hope I can catch it on video one day  so I can post it on our Instagram page.

What Made Her Batch Really Special? ↩ click the link to read more about it.


Dior is now known as Pepper named by her new family @eileenlaica. They sent us an update the moment they reached home telling us that they can’t see her face (because she’s so black) its hard to tell if she is sleeping or not 🤣. She’s a true black beauty.

We are always looking for great homes and loving families for our home raised, well loved Poodles. If you’re interested with Dior, kindly read our Adoption Guidelines. You can always double check Dior’s availability on our Instagram page or check if there are puppies posted under Pawfect Pups category. The reason for this is that I might not able to update this page right away. If ever there are no puppies available for adoption listed on the said category and you are willing to wait for the next puppy that will suit your lifestyle and environment – please visit our Waitlist page for more info.

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