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Trent Lachlan · Toy Poodle

Call me Trent. I am the only male in our batch. I will have this forever puppy face even when I mature. I got that from my dad. I am also the smallest among the liter. I have two sisters (Tara and Telsa). I love playing with them both but sometimes I just can’t keep up. They run and play a lot! and when it becomes way too much for me, i just sit in a corner watching them until they get tired.

On feeding times, they also end up eating my portion of puppy food. My pawrent has to separate me from them so I can fully have my meal portion. My sisters just eat way faster than I do. As for me, I want to take it easy and enjoy every single bite of my nutritious meal. I don’t mind eating dry or soaked kibbles but since i am on my teething phase I prefer dry.

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Trent Lachlan Boudreaux
Gender : Female //  Born : 20 SEPT 2017 // Color : Solid Red // Size : Toy

Mr. Alfred S. and his wife Cristina picked up Trent Lachlan all the way from Cagayan de Oro last Dec. 11 2017. Many thanks for being such a great pawrents!

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"Poodles are proof that great things come in fluffy, four-legged packages."

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