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Uri Vladislav · Toy Poodle

I’m handsome, happy, social, curious, busy, and totally irresistible Toy Poodle Puppy. I have 3 sisters who i absolutely get along with. We love to play with the spikey little ball and sometimes i end up staying up late playing with it. I came out first so i guess that makes me their big brother!

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Uri Vladislav Boudreaux
Gender : Male // Born : 29 NOV 2019 // Color : Solid Apricot // Size : Toy

Uri is already reserved to Dr. Arvin Gamboa. Dr. Arvin patiently waited for about a year for a Boudreaux Poodle for their family. We are referred to him by Soleil’s (also a Boudreaux Poodle) pawrent Dr Jackie Zamora. Many thanks!

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"In a world full of chaos, a Poodle's love is a beacon of peace."

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