How Much Should You Feed Your Poodle?

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Feeding Your Poodle: What Should They Eat?

Your poodle needs a balanced diet to help them stay active and fit. Give them enough calories and vitamins in every serving, and they’ll live a long, healthy life. But how much should you feed your athletic little fur friend? What should you be feeding them, and how big should their serving sizes be?

Read on to learn proper feeding guidelines for your toy or miniature poodle. Whether they’re puppies or adults, we have simple tips that’ll help you keep them nourished and happy.

How Much Should You Feed Your Poodle?

Serving size varies depending on the type of food. Wet and dry food have different calories. Active dogs need more calories than sedentary dogs. Age, metabolic level, and current health status affect your Poodle’s serving sizes.

How Much Should You Feed Your Poodle?

If you’re feeding your poodle commercial dog food, do NOT follow the suggested serving on the package. You should adjust your serving to this ratio: one ounce for every pound they weigh. Other owners recommend checking how much your poodle consumes in 15 minutes – this is a good rule of thumb for approximating one serving.

How Often Should Your Poodle Eat?

Feeding frequency depends on your poodle’s age. If your poodle is under three months, free feeding is NOT the way to go. Do not leave food out all the time. Yes, they’re growing and need more nutrients and they need to eat often. But, it has to be scheduled and this is how we’ve been doing it for years. Discipline can start at very young age – as early as 3 – 4 weeks old.

As your puppy grow, you can feed them up to three times a day. Two main meals and a snack. The occasional snack is encouraged (not mandatory), especially if they’re active and getting plenty of exercise.

Caring for an adult poodle? Feed toy and miniature poodles twice a day. As for us, we feed our adults one main meal and a snack throughout the day. Many people think adult dogs should be given only one meal a day. However, many dogs benefit from simply having split servings throughout the day.

Choose High-Quality Food For Poodle Feeding

Wet and dry dog food have their own merits. While most dogs prefer wet food, dry food is better for your poodle’s gums and tummy. Dry food also helps their digestion, so make sure most of their servings are made up of dry food.

It’s not just the quantity and frequency of feeding that matters, but the food quality. Many commercial dog foods are full of preservatives, chemicals, and artificial flavors. While your poodle may happily eat it, in the long run, it’s detrimental to their health.

Choose High-Quality Food For Poodle Feeding

Feed your poodle high-quality food with whole ingredients. We highly recommend Now Fresh from Petcurean – your poodle will definitely love this hearty, grain-free food. This is by no means a sponsored post, though! We’ve simply had nothing but great experiences feeding this dog food to our beloved poodles.

We’ve been feeding our fur-ever friends with Petcurean’s Now Fresh for years, and the results speak for themselves. Because of this healthier diet, our poodles enjoy premium-quality meat and fish in every bite.


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Table of Contents

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