Drake Deon · Cream oy Poodle · Boudreaux Kennel

Drake Deon · Toy Poodle

My name is Drake and I’m the last poodle pup to come out from my mom’s belly. Just like my sister Camila, I’m a balanced pup – boy version! I am always up for anything as long as I’m with you, whether it’s taking long walks, playing fetch or just relaxing on the couch and watching TV. I am very adaptable and affectionate, which means that I will easily fit in with any family dynamic or lifestyle.

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Drake Deon Boudreaux
Gender : Male  •  Born : 06 APR 2023  •  Color : Cream  •  Size : Toy

But you know what’s not balanced? This crazy summer weather! It’s way too hot for my furry body to handle. I’m melting here! It’s like a sauna out there and I just can’t seem to keep my cool.

Drake Deon · Cream oy Poodle · Boudreaux Kennel

I’ve tried everything from lying on cold tiles to drinking lots of water but nothing seems to work. So, I have to resort to my secret weapon: whining! Yes, I know it’s not the most charming thing to do, but hey! a pup’s gotta do what a pup’s gotta do!

Luckily, my pawrents are pretty understanding (most of the time) and they know that I won’t stop whining until I get what I want – a colder room with the air-conditioning! Sorry electric fans, you just don’t cut it for me. NOTE : photo below was taken when he was 1 month old.

Drake Deon · Cream oy Poodle · Boudreaux Kennel

So, if you’re looking for a cute and witty poodle pup to add to your family, look no further! I’m Drake, the last but definitely not the least and I’m ready to bring some balance (and maybe a little bit of whining) into your life 🤣.

Give a Poodle a Furever Home

I’m a sweet poodle puppy searching for a warm and caring family to join. I’m excited to find a new home where I can give and receive an abundance of love and attention.

If you’re considering adopting me, please take a moment to carefully read the adoption guidelines page. This page will provide you with all the necessary information you’ll need to understand the adoption process, what to expect when bringing a new puppy home, and how to properly care for me as I grow and develop.

Drake Deon · Cream oy Poodle · Boudreaux Kennel

I promise to be a devoted and affectionate companion to the perfect family. If you feel that we might be a good fit, please consider giving me a loving furever home.


Oatmeal, fondly recognized as @oatmealpoods from @meladr, found a new loving home on June 20, 2023. I apologize for the delay in updating you on this wonderful news. A heartfelt appreciation goes to Ms. Mela for consistently sharing charming photos and videos ❤️


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"Every day is a pawsome day when you have a Poodle by your side."

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