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What Makes August 02, 2022 Special?

August 02, 2022 marks a very special day for Boudreaux Kennel. While I was fixing their papers for registration, I noticed something… this batch is a new Boudreaux line cycle! They are actually the first batch of litters of Markus and Anika – our 5th generation. Their puppies is the beginning of our 6th generation.

I started breeding Poodles at a very young age 20 years ago.  One of my goals is to have a full Boudreaux pedigree. Am I getting close? no, I don’t think so but I am getting there. No rush 😊! Our main goal is to produce pure breed, healthy poodle puppies with sound temperament. That’s what’s more important to us.

What Makes Them Extra Special?

Another thing that makes this batch extra special is that we started potty training them at 3 (three) weeks old. I was skeptic at first. But it wont hurt to try. So, we did the puppy routine with extra something something.

To our surprise the next morning… voila! poop fest – the potty training mat is actually full of 💩 poop and It actually worked! Ever since that day, it became their routine. Will it stick? that I am not quite sure because, this is the first time that we tried this method. Thinking that if we start the habit early it will be easier for them to figure out and learn that that’s where they should poop even in the later years.

Believe me, I know the struggle when it comes to picking up after your pup inside the house + on top of all the things that you needed to do and accomplish during the day. Picking up poop is that last thing that you would want to do. Trust me, I KNOW! 🤣

Plus, it is easier to start training a puppy that is 3 weeks old vs a puppy at 3 mos. old. In addition, the new family might not know where to start. I always aim to provide that “nearly perfect” pup for each family. This way, I can somehow make things easier for the new pawrents. I just hope they will still remember their indoor routine when they’re rehomed. With proper guidance, I think that they will.

They Love Surfing!

I got your attention right? 😂 yeap! you read it right. Another thing that makes this batch unique is that they love surfing and swimming inside their bowls! They just LOVE to eat! The moment the clock hits feeding time… oh boy… It must be the Now Fresh grain free recipe with turkey, duck & salmon. We never had any issues when it comes to their appetite.

Boudreaux Kennel · Poodle Breeder · Manila, Philippines

We just have to hang + screw tight  their feeding bowls so they wont end up surfing in it. Yes, it happen! In less than 5 minutes, the bowl the sparkling clean as if nothing happen 😆.

Strict Vaccination Schedule + Regularly Vet Checked.

As of today, 02 AUG 22 they have a total of:

  • Three (3) deworming. The 3rd one was administered last 20 SEP 2022 and the 4th will be on 04 OCT 2022.
  • One (1) shot of Nobivac dated 14 SEP 2022. The 2nd shot will be on 05 OCT 2022

Please note that due to my crazy schedule, I might not being able to update the dates on this post. All Boudreaux puppies are always on strict vaccination schedule and regularly checked by a trusted licensed veterinarian that I’ve known for years.

Are they looking for a new home?

Yes! 3 of them are. I decided to keep 1 (one) for our future generation. Most of our adult Poodles are 10+ years old and we are in the process of slowing rebuilding our line.

I will be publishing their individual profiles shortly posted under Pawfect Pups category. Each page will contain their brief information about the Poodle puppy personality, description and status. I will link the pages anyway:

If you’re interested, please take time to read our adoption guidelines. Also, don’t forget to check our FAQ page as this contains answers to frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents

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