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New & Improved Website

We’re back after a period of fixing up our site! We noticed that a major change is needed to be made to our website so everyone can access information easily. Here’s a quick walkthrough of what we’ve done to our brand new wesite.

A revamp was in order, so we ditched the outdated old design to help pages load more quickly. We also made major updates with useful articles that are simple guides for Poodle owners. Old articles that still had great info were rewritten to be easier to read and more organized.

Though we were balancing a chaotic schedule, we were able to make time to implement these changes. Now site visitors can expect more regular updates and social media activity on our end.

Got ideas for what we can post? Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome, so don’t hesitate to send us a message!

Get Useful Tips For Poodle Care

We aim to give poodle owners – whether current or prospective – the advice they need to provide a loving, caring environment for their fur-ever friends. If you’ve got questions about grooming or how to feed your poodle the right kind of food, this site is for you!

Poodles are highly intelligent creatures, but they still rely on us to give them a cozy home and protect their health. Check out our different articles on poodle grooming, socialization, and feeding. Get started on these tips and give your poodle the TLC they deserve!

We Treat Our Poodles Like Royalty

We take the task of raising our toy and miniature poodles to heart. All of our poodles get daily exercise to help them harness their lively energy as well as stay physically engaged. We know the importance of socializing with other dogs and people, as well as managing triggers for behavior. That’s why we take the appropriate firm but loving measures to keep our frisky poodles happy and well-behaved.

We also ensure that they eat high-quality food, drink plenty of water, and rest in a calm environment. Additionally, we keep them well-groomed so their fur is always elegant and healthy. To us, poodles aren’t just pets – they’re family. This is why we’re so careful when we vet potential poodle adopters. Because of our safeguards, all our poodles go to an affectionate home where they’ll be treated with warmth.

Adopt From A Reputable Poodle Breeder In Philippines

Boudreaux Kennel doesn’t breed poodles as a profit-making scheme. What we charge is well-spent on providing top-notch care for all the poodles under our roof. This is why we also encourage follow-ups from successful adopters, so we know how our little ones are adapting to their new homes.

Instead of buying from puppy mills, why not adopt from a breeder whom you know puts your potential fur baby’s wellbeing first? If you’re looking for poodles that’ll bring light and joy into your home, we’d be happy to walk you through the process and see if you’re qualified to adopt our sweet poodles.

Table of Contents

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