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Elijah Ezra · Toy Poodle

Hey there, I’m Elijah Ezra, one of the snazziest solid black toy-sized Boudreaux Poodle you’ll ever come across. While I might be the medium-sized member of our fur squad, I can assure you, life with my three bros and one girl sis is an absolute tail-waggin’ adventure, day in and day out! 🐾😄

My jet black fur is truly my pride and joy. You see, even though my mom rocks a stunning shade of red and my dad is a delightful cream, those black and chocolate brown genes are a family tradition. Lucky for me, I’m the one who sports that classic solid black coat, and I wear it with flair! 🖤

Fun fact, my sibling Ethan Donovan and I both transform into a rich, dark chocolate brown when the sun gives us a warm hug. 🤎 It’s quite the spectacle! 🌞🍫 It’s incredible how our family tree carries these rich and sophisticated colors. But let me tell you, my jet black coat is something truly special, and it’s the perfect canvas for showing off my playful antics and boundless joy.

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Elijah Ezra Boudreaux
Gender : Male  •  Born : 23 SEP 2023  •  Color : Black •  Size : Toy

Oh, and here’s a fun fact for you – my tail got docked on October 02, 2023. Tail docking is a standard practice for Poodles like me, designed to maintain our distinctive appearance and lower the risk of accidents. You might be curious if it’s a painful process, but no need to fret. We usually undergo this procedure while we’re still tiny pups, so it doesn’t cause any discomfort. It’s all about safety and giving our appearance that extra touch of style! 🐾

My First Solid Food Adventure: A Bark-tastic Journey!

Can you believe it? On October 22, 2023, I embarked on my first solid food adventure, and it was truly a bark-tastic journey! I was brimming with excitement as I encountered this fresh, new scent and taste, and without hesitation, I dived straight into the food bowl (well, Ethan did it first).

Once that delectable flavor hit my taste buds, there was no turning back. It was like a delightful medley of tastes perfectly tailored to my tiny puppy palate. Now Fresh is simply irresistible, like a gourmet feast in the form of kibble! 🍗

Also, in case you’re wondering why my furmom opted for Now Fresh for us little pups, it’s not just about the scrumptiousness but also what’s best for Poodles like me. For more insights into our food choices, be sure to check out our informative post, “Feeding Your Poodle: What Should They Eat?” to get all the details.

Ready to Welcome Me into Your Loving Home?

As I search for my forever family, I can’t help but imagine all the joy we’ll experience together. Picture this: enjoyable walks in the park, cozy moments on the couch, and a world of tail-wagging adventures. If you’re thinking about making me a cherished member of your loving family, you can find all the details about our adoption process right here: https://poodlesph.com/adoption 🐶🏡

Let’s start this heartwarming journey together, filled with puppy kisses and warm cuddles. And remember to stay updated with our adventures on Instagram at @toy.poodles for the latest stories and updates. This page will also be regularly updated with snapshots of my growth, just like a ‘Watch Me Grow’ adventure! 📸🐾

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to get in touch. We’re excited to share this wonderful journey with you! 🐕❤️

A Wagging Tail: Elijah Ezra Finds a Home

We’ve got some heartwarming news to share with you. Our charming poodle, Elijah Ezra, has found his forever home with Marc Morales. 🐾

The joy of owning a Boudreaux Poodle is an experience like no other, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of this heartwarming journey.

We’ll be sharing regular photo updates of Elijah Ezra right here on this page and on our Instagram page, so you can witness the adorable moments and happy adventures he’ll embark on with his new family. 📸

But first, a huge shoutout to Marc Morales for trusting Boudreaux Kennel and welcoming Elijah Ezra into their home. 🙏

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"When your heart belongs to a Poodle, every day is a tail-wagging celebration."

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