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How To Schedule and Plan Routine for your New Puppy

It’s exciting to prepare for a new puppy’s arrival into your home. Your new furr-ever friend needs plenty of time to explore your house and meet their new family. However, don’t get distracted from one of the most important things for a new puppy: creating schedules.

Adding structure to your new puppy’s day will help them adapt faster to their new home. It reduces their stress and anxiety. It also makes it easier for owners to keep puppies well-fed, healthy, and comfy. Keep reading to learn more about establishing a routine for your new puppy!

New Puppies Need Food And Potty Times

Adult dogs will need to eat around one to two times a day. However, puppies have to eat nutritious puppy food thrice a day! The increased frequency gives them more energy for their development. Simplify mealtimes by planning theirs around yours. When you’re having your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, have your puppy eat at the same time.

Potty times are also important. Make sure you take your puppy out to do their thing every two to four hours. You should also take them out for a potty break after each time their activities change. This will reduce the likelihood of little accidents and prepare them for house training!

Schedule Your New Puppy’s Playtime

Exercise and personal time with your puppy are a must for forming loving bonds and stimulating them! Note that serious exercise like very long runs should be avoided until puppies are at least a year old.

Playing with toys, going for a stroll around your neighborhood, and running in your yard are all encouraged. Don’t make these play schedules too long, because puppies also need their rest! Shorter scheduled play hours are better for expending their energy at this age.

Naptimes Are Important To A Puppy Routine

Don’t be surprised if your puppy spends long periods of time just sleeping in your house! Puppies can spend as many as 16 to 18 hours just snoozing. Make sure their naptimes are peaceful and quiet so they get all the rest they need.

Remind other housemates and family members not to disturb your puppy when they’re sleeping. To ensure they sleep peacefully, you may want to put their bed in a quiet part of the house. This will minimize the chances they’ll have their sleep disturbed by other pets or human activities.

For their night bedtime, some owners simply let their puppy sleep when they choose to. However, it’s worth it to pick a set time at night to get them settled, so they get used to resting at that hour.

The Sooner You Can Put Together A Schedule, The Better!

Giving your puppy a routine lets them adjust to their new family and environment faster. Schedules also help owners manage their puppy’s needs and development. It’s also a good way to encourage

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Table of Contents

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