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Andre Armani · Toy Poodle

Armani – the first pup that came out! Based on our observation, he is the leader of the pack or what you call the “Alpha Male”. He is more on a playful side. Loves to run and play with his litter mates, but very gentle at the same time. He is also the very first one to learn how to drink from the water bottle feeder.

He is like a cartoon character, funny in his own way – when you call him he will run tumbling and sliding towards you.

Very easy to fall in love with, eager to learn and has a big personality. A fast learner. Can easily perform simple to complicated tricks when trained. Andre is also well socialized with kids, cats, other dogs and indoor plants.

Aside from being a Poodle that requires regular grooming and regular vet visits for his inoculations. He is nothing but a healthy, jumping, jolly male toy Poodle puppy who’s always ready to snuggle with any member of his family.

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Andre Armani Boudreaux
Gender : Male // Born : 02 AUG 2022 // Color : Apricot // Size : Toy

Armani will be perfect for a family with kids. He is going to be a great family dog. He has a balance of calm and playful personality and definitely capable of  forming strong bonds with the kids and  be a great companion  for the kids throughout their growing years.

What Makes This Litter Special? ↩ click the link to read more about it.


RESERVED. As of this moment, we are waiting for confirmation fromm @hannahlester family . We just received a confirmation from @hannahlester family earlier today. They will be flying from the US next week.


Armani is now known as Theodore. The Lester kids absolutely adore him. The whole family is just amazing! Theodore will be staying here in PH for roughly around 2years. Then, move back to the US for his official service dog training.

Andre Armani · Toy Poodle · Boudreaux Kennel

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