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Telsa Eilena · Toy Poodle

Hi I’m Telsa, i have a brother and a sister. I’m the 2nd one who came out after Tara and that makes me the ‘tween’.

My Brother Trent thinks that we always eat his food but he is wrong! He is the one who eats faster than me and my sister! Trent just doesn’t notice it. He thinks he is a slow eater but he isnt! ugh… boys… they’re sloppy! but hey! don’t get me wrong, we love him dearly. He always tolerates and he doesnt mind playing with me even he is still half asleep. To start, I always bite his ears just to fully wake him up! because me and my sister are the ones who plays around a lot and we both get tired at the same time. We don’t wake up the same time tho and thats when my brother comes in.

I love to be groomed simply because i find it very relaxing and i love spending time with my furent and enjoy the bonding moment. I am also friends with Dana whos a cutie kitty and sometimes Keira baby sits us. She is a rottweiler by the way.

Poodle Puppy Info

Litter Registration Name : Telsa Eilena Boudreaux
Gender : Female //  Born : 20 SEPT 2017 // Color : Solid Red // Size : Toy

Mr. Alfred S. and his wife Cristina picked up Trent Lachlan all the way from Cagayan de Oro last Dec. 11 2017. Many thanks for being such a great pawrents!

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"The best therapist has fur and four paws – the Poodle kind."

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