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Seriously! You can’t possibly look at me without donning the world’s biggest smile! At first glance, you may not believe I’m a tiger, but it won’t take you long to figure out that I know I’m a tiger! I’m happy, social, curious, busy, and totally irresistible. I won’t bother you much, as long as you let me have my way. I love to cuddle, but if you’re not cuddling me, just give me freedom and I’ll keep myself quite busy. If you call me, I come running. I am the cutest little bug on 4 tiny little legs that you will ever see. I steal hearts BIG time.

Poodle Puppy Details

Litter Registration Name : Pete Greyson Boudreaux // Gender : Male // Born : 25 MAR 2017 // Color : Solid Apricot // Size : Toy

This toy poodle puppy is definitely a going to be a head turner. His wool is very thick. He may came out as an Apricot but i think that is just his puppy hair. The red wool is starting to grow.

Greyson has found a great home and a loving family. I’ve met Ms. Crissy and her daughter earlier today. Ms Crissy will be the new pawrent since her daughter will be moving to the US for college. She is amazing and willing to learn! She didn’t know much about how to care for a Toy Poodle but currently, she has a shih-tzu named Sherlock whom she rescued from a friend.

Greyson immediately bonded with her daughter and I know for a fact that Greyson is the perfect pup for her while I was reading her application. Greyson is a calm pup, perfect for Sherlock who’s very shy and not used to being around another canine. He is scheduled to be re-homed on 13 JUNE 2017.

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